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Nigerian Actress Aunty Ramota Reportedly in Coma After Botched BBL Surgery



Nigerian Actress Aunty Ramota Reportedly In Coma After Botched Bbl Surgery

Renowned Nigerian actress and comedian Ramota Adetu, widely known as ‘Aunty Ramota,’ is purportedly in a critical condition following a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery that went awry.

Tosin Silverdam, a prominent blogger on Instagram, revealed that Aunty Ramota slipped into a coma after experiencing complications from the BBL procedure she underwent at a hospital in Ikorodu over the weekend.

The news has elicited varied reactions, with some questioning the authenticity of the reports while others express genuine concern and hopes for her swift recovery.

Amid the speculation, actress Toyin Lawani commented on the situation, casting doubt on the severity of the news and suggesting it might be a hoax or a scripted act.

Notable figures like Mercy Eke, Blessing CEO, Toke Makinwa, and Nengi Hampson have previously opted for BBL procedures to enhance their features and curves, emphasizing its popularity in the entertainment industry.

Confirming the distressing turn of events, Aunty Ramota’s manager, Dare, acknowledged the dire circumstances and the threats he has received due to the unfolding situation.

The overwhelming outpouring of prayers and support from fans and fellow celebrities continues to pour in, with many expressing solidarity with the beloved actress during this challenging time.

Eminent personalities like Etinosaofficial have joined the online chorus, fervently praying for Aunty Ramota’s recovery and well-being.

This incident serves as a potent reminder of the potential risks associated with cosmetic surgeries and the imperative need for caution and thorough research before undergoing such procedures.

As the entertainment industry and fans await updates on Aunty Ramota’s condition, the incident underscores the importance of promoting safe and informed choices in the realm of aesthetic enhancements.

Rachel Adams

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