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OHSU Continues Leading Efforts in COVID-19 Response and Vaccination Campaign



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Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) remains at the forefront of the COVID-19 response in Portland, Oregon. With a single patient in the Intensive Care Unit and none on a ventilator, OHSU continues to monitor and treat COVID-19 cases with diligence.

OHSU follows CDC guidelines on vaccination, considering individuals fully vaccinated when they have completed the recommended doses and wait period. The focus remains on containing the virus through vaccination and community outreach.

Throughout the pandemic, OHSU has coordinated closely with state and local health authorities to provide a unified response. An emergency operations center has been active since the early stages, adapting strategies from past health crises.

OHSU’s commitment to equitable vaccine distribution is evident in its efforts to reach underserved communities. From organizing appointments at Doernbecher Children's Hospital to managing mass vaccination sites at the Oregon Convention Center and Portland International Airport, OHSU is dedicated to immunizing as many Oregonians as possible.

As the dynamics of the pandemic evolved, OHSU shifted its focus to testing accessibility and treatment protocols. Drive-through testing sites, immediate care clinics, and home test kits have helped Oregonians access testing and healthcare with ease.

OHSU’s initiatives extend to post-COVID care, with protocols in place to support patients experiencing long-term symptoms. The institution’s dedication to research and clinical innovation has led to the development of comprehensive care pathways for COVID-19 survivors.

Rachel Adams

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