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Parenting with Lyme Disease: A Journey of Resilience and Empowerment



Parenting With Lyme Disease: A Journey Of Resilience And Empowerment

Anna Brennan, a mother of four, shares her personal journey of parenting children with chronic Lyme disease. Unaware of their tick exposure, her children had been exhibiting various symptoms from a young age. Seeking help from a Lyme literate doctor, she discovered the hidden battles they were facing. Brennan’s experience is relatable to many families who are unaware of the impact of tick-borne illnesses.

Unbeknownst to Brennan, her children were playing in areas where ticks were prevalent. The symptoms they exhibited, such as food allergies, OCD, and recurring fevers, became more severe over time, leading her to seek specialized medical assistance. Despite the skepticism of well-meaning friends and advice to wait for them to “grow out of it,” Brennan’s determination to help her children pushed her forward.

Drawing inspiration from motivational speakers and high achievers, Brennan adopted a proactive approach to parenting. Setting high personal standards, she would reward herself mentally for handling challenging situations with calmness and grace. However, she soon realized the need to prioritize her own well-being alongside her children’s.

To maintain her own health, Brennan made lifestyle changes, replacing junk food with nutritious options and staying physically active. Balancing her own self-care and her children’s needs became crucial for her ability to cope with their demanding schedule. She found creative ways to incorporate exercise into her daily routine, using symbolic reminders like rubber bands on her wrist.

Dealing with her children’s challenging behaviors required Brennan to think on her feet. She introduced imaginary personas, like an invisible attorney, to remind herself to respond with patience and understanding. Another technique she relied on was seeking affirmation from her own reflection in the mirror, reinforcing her strength and ability to persevere.

In her role as the family leader, Brennan managed various aspects of her children’s health protocols, from specialized diets to homeschooling. Despite her best efforts, she faced criticism and blame from others who lacked awareness and understanding of Lyme disease. However, she learned that proving herself to others was irrelevant and redirecting her energy towards supporting her loved ones was more significant.

Brennan’s children have shown significant progress over the years, thanks to their shared journey of resilience and adaptation. Having experienced their own struggles, they now value their health and have developed a deep sense of gratitude. As a result, Brennan has become an advocate and support for other families in the Lyme community.

In her efforts to help other parents navigating the challenges of raising children with health issues, Brennan has written a book titled ‘Ultraparent Thinking,’ which offers guidance and insights for caregivers. The book aims to empower families and provide them with the knowledge and tools to navigate their own unique journeys.

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