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Power Spinoff ‘Book IV: Force’ to End after Season 3, New Prequel Series on the Horizon



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Joseph Sikora, who plays the lead role in the ‘Power’ spinoff ‘Book IV: Force,’ surprised fans with news that the show will wrap up after its third season.

In a recent Instagram video, Joseph Sikora walked the ‘Power Book IV: Force‘ set and announced that the current season will conclude, highlighting it as a fitting end to Tommy Egan‘s journey.

As Sikora revealed the decision alongside writers, he emphasized that Season 3 was envisioned as a complete story, culminating in the ideal moment to conclude Egan’s narrative in Chicago.

Giving reassurance to fans, Sikora hinted that Tommy’s adventures are far from over and expressed excitement for what lies ahead for the character.

With the final chapter closing in ‘Power Book IV: Force,’ the show promises an impactful ending, mentioned Gary Lennon, the showrunner, who shared his bittersweet emotions upon concluding Tommy’s tale.

Starz, in conjunction with the Power Universe creators, has confirmed a new prequel series titled ‘Origins,’ exploring the early years of both Tommy Egan and Omari Hardwick’s Ghost.

The development of ‘Origins’ sets the stage for a deeper exploration of the characters within this multifaceted Power Universe, as announced by Sascha Penn, executive producer of ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan.’

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