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The Rise and Success of Paul Pogba: A Football Superstar



The Rise And Success Of Paul Pogba: A Football Superstar

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Paul Pogba, often referred to as one of the most talented midfielders of his generation, has captivated fans and experts with his exceptional skills, versatility, and flair on the football field. This article delves into the fascinating journey of Paul Pogba, highlighting his early years, pivotal career moves, international success, and notable achievements.

Early Years

Born on March 15, 1993, in Lagny-sur-Marne, France, Pogba displayed immense talent and passion for football from a young age. He joined local youth club US Roissy-en-Brie at only six years old, impressing coaches and scouts with his natural ability to control and distribute the ball.

Pogba quickly caught the attention of renowned French club Le Havre, where he spent his formative years developing his skills in their esteemed youth academy. It was during this time that he fine-tuned his technique, vision, and physicality, showcasing the potential to become a future star.

Move to Juventus

In 2009, at the age of 16, Pogba left Le Havre to pursue his dreams at Manchester United, a Premier League giant. He impressed in the youth ranks but faced limited opportunities in the first team. Seeking regular playing time, Pogba made a bold move and signed with Italian powerhouse Juventus in 2012.

His time at Juventus proved pivotal in his growth as a player. Pogba showcased his outstanding technical skills, agility, and ability to dominate the midfield. He played a crucial role in Juventus’ success, helping the team secure four consecutive Serie A titles from 2012 to 2015. During this period, he also earned a reputation as one of the best young talents in European football.

Return to Manchester United

In August 2016, Pogba made a high-profile return to Manchester United for a then world-record transfer fee. The move brought immense pressure, but Pogba embraced the challenge and became an instrumental figure in the team’s midfield.

Known for his dynamic playing style and ability to dictate play, Pogba continued to impress both fans and critics with his technical prowess, long-range shooting, and exceptional passing range. He played a vital role in Manchester United’s triumphs, including winning the UEFA Europa League in 2017 and the League Cup in 2017 and 2021.

International Career

Paul Pogba’s international career began when he represented France at the U16 level in 2008. He progressed through the ranks and made his senior debut in 2013. Pogba played an integral role in France’s journey to the final of the UEFA Euro 2016, where they were runners-up. Two years later, he played a crucial part in France’s World Cup triumph in Russia, showcasing his leadership and extraordinary midfield skills throughout the tournament.


Paul Pogba’s performances have earned him numerous individual accolades and recognition:

  • Four-time Serie A champion with Juventus
  • UEFA Europa League winner with Manchester United
  • League Cup winner with Manchester United (2017, 2021)
  • FIFA World Cup winner with France (2018)
  • FIFA FIFPro World XI nominee
  • French Player of the Year nominee

Key Takeaways

In summary, Paul Pogba’s journey from humble beginnings to football stardom showcases his exceptional talent, versatility, and leadership skills. Key takeaways from his career include:

  • Pogba’s ability to dominate the midfield with his technical skills and physicality
  • His impactful contributions to club successes at Juventus and Manchester United
  • A pivotal role in France’s victorious World Cup campaign
  • Recognition as one of the most influential and talented midfielders of his generation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Paul Pogba’s playing style?

A: Paul Pogba is known for his dynamic playing style. He possesses excellent technique, athleticism, and flair, allowing him to excel in various areas of the game. His vision, passing range, and long-range shooting ability stand out.

Q: How much did Manchester United pay for Pogba’s transfer?

A: When Paul Pogba returned to Manchester United in 2016, the club paid a then world-record transfer fee of £89 million, making him the most expensive player at that time.

Q: Has Pogba won any major international tournaments?

A: Yes, Paul Pogba played an essential role in France’s victory at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. His performances throughout the tournament were crucial to France’s success.

Q: What individual awards has Pogba received?

A: While Paul Pogba has not won any major individual awards, he has been nominated for the FIFA FIFPro World XI and French Player of the Year, highlighting his influence and recognition in the footballing world.

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