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San Francisco 49ers Fan Displays Team Loyalty with Custom Prosthetic Eye



San Francisco 49ers Fan Displays Team Loyalty With Custom Prosthetic Eye

A dedicated San Francisco 49ers fan, Rey Pena, has found a unique way to demonstrate his unwavering allegiance to his beloved team by customizing his prosthetic eye with the team logo, earning him the nickname ‘Eye of the Niner.’ Pena’s devotion to the 49ers dates back to his childhood, making this symbolic gesture incredibly meaningful.

At the age of 30, Pena faced a challenging battle with cancer, leading to the difficult decision to have one of his eyes removed in 2012 to prevent the cancer from spreading. Pena shared with CBS News that he made a special request to his doctor at the time, expressing his diehard fandom by asking for a 49ers-themed prosthetic eye.

As the San Francisco 49ers gear up to face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Pena, who was honored as the NFL’s 49ers Fan of the Year for 2022, is excited to support his team. With a collection of memorabilia accumulated over the years, Pena is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to witness his team in action at the Super Bowl.

Pena’s dedication to the team, manifested in his personalized prosthetic eye donning the 49ers logo, symbolizes the deep connection fans can have with their favorite sports teams. As the 49ers aim to secure victory over the Chiefs and claim the coveted Lombardi Trophy, Pena’s unwavering support shines brightly in the team’s signature gold and red colors.

Rachel Adams

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