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Saraswati Puja Preparations in Full Swing in Kolkata



Saraswati Puja Preparations In Full Swing In Kolkata

Idol-makers in Kolkata‘s Kumartuli are busy adding the final touches to beautifully crafted Saraswati idols. With the auspicious festival of Saraswati Puja just around the corner, which will be observed on February 14, the idol-makers are working diligently to ensure every detail is perfect. Saraswati Puja holds immense significance in Kolkata, and devotees eagerly await the arrival of the goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

Meanwhile, the city is also gearing up to welcome back the Pro Kabaddi League. After a gap of four years, the popular league is set to make a grand return to Kolkata, also known as the City of Joy. The Bengal Warriors, the local team, is busy with rigorous practice sessions at the Netaji Indoor Stadium. As excitement builds, fans eagerly anticipate the thrilling matches that await.

In a different corner of the city, north Kolkata, shops are adorned with artificial flowers, heart-shaped cushions, and other Valentine’s Day-related items. As Valentine’s Week approaches, vendors are ready to cater to the romantic souls who want to celebrate the occasion with their loved ones in a special way.

Over at Bethune School, students rejoiced after completing their mathematics test as part of the Madhyamik examinations. Their joyous expressions and sense of accomplishment were evident, marking yet another milestone in their academic journey. The vibrant atmosphere at the school highlighted the enthusiasm and determination of these young learners.

On a different note, the footpaths at Lake Road are undergoing renovations to enhance the city’s infrastructure and ensure the safety of pedestrians. The authorities are working towards sprucing up these walkways, adding a touch of convenience to the daily lives of residents and visitors.

Rachel Adams

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