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Singer Gabrielle Reveals Hidden Eye Secret, Shares Struggle with Condition



Singer Gabrielle Reveals Hidden Eye Secret, Shares Struggle With Condition

Singer Gabrielle, also known as Louise Gabrielle Bobb, is making headlines once again as she prepares to unveil her latest music on a prominent entertainment show. Gabrielle, who gained fame in the 90s with her hit single Dreams, is set to perform a track titled A Place In Your Heart from her upcoming album of the same name, scheduled for release on May 10. Her soothing voice captivated audiences worldwide when Dreams ascended rapidly to the top of the charts in 1993, marking it as one of the highest debuting debut singles of its time.

After a brief hiatus from the spotlight, Gabrielle made a triumphant return in 2000 with her chart-topping album Rise, which included the popular single Out of Reach featured in the iconic film soundtrack of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Despite facing challenges, Gabrielle’s resilience and talent propelled her to a second UK number one, solidifying her status as a music industry force to be reckoned with.

In more recent times, Gabrielle’s versatility was showcased on the captivating reality TV series The Masked Singer, where she donned the disguise of Harlequin in the show’s second season in 2021, ultimately finishing in an impressive fourth place. The esteemed artist has also lent her talent to Stormzy‘s music video for Mel Made Me Do It, proving her enduring relevance in the music scene.

One of the enduring mysteries surrounding Gabrielle has been her distinctive style of concealing her right eye, often shielded with an array of accessories like sunglasses, an eyepatch, a hat, or cleverly styled hair. The singer has openly shared that this choice stems from a medical condition called ptosis, characterized by a drooping upper eyelid that can impact vision and aesthetic appearance.

Despite undergoing corrective surgery for ptosis in her youth, Gabrielle was left with a shortened eyelid, prompting her to keep her eye covered as a form of self-expression and comfort. In an interview with The Guardian in 2018, Gabrielle candidly expressed the deep significance of her eye covering, likening it to a personal boundary she is unwilling to breach except in the presence of close confidants.

Gabrielle recalled the challenges she faced during her school days when classmates taunted her, labeling her with hurtful names and mocking her involuntary eye movements. The negative experiences she endured contributed to bouts of depression and a lingering sense of self-consciousness, shaping her decision to maintain her signature look over the years.

As Gabrielle prepares to grace the stage once again on The Graham Norton Show, airing on BBC One, her unwavering talent and resilience continue to inspire fans worldwide. Through her music and unwavering spirit, Gabrielle’s journey serves as a testament to overcoming adversity and embracing individuality in the face of societal pressures.

Rachel Adams

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