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Soccer Aid 2024: Alex Brooker Draws Inspiration from Tom Grennan Ahead of Charity Match



Soccer Aid 2024: Alex Brooker Draws Inspiration From Tom Grennan Ahead Of Charity Match

Alex Brooker, renowned for his involvement in the charitable Soccer Aid event for England since 2018, is gearing up to play at Stamford Bridge in Soccer Aid 2024. Brooker is set to join formidable teammates such as Jill Scott, Steven Bartlett, Sir Mo Farah, and Sam Thompson as they face off against Usain Bolt’s Soccer Aid World XI side.

Among the star-studded lineup that Alex Brooker will share the field with are football icons such as Eden Hazard, Roberto Carlos, Martin Compston, Maisie Adam, Roman Kemp, Lee Mack, and Tommy Fury. The competitive spirit is high as both teams look poised for an exhilarating charity match at Stamford Bridge.

Reflecting on his preparations for the game, Alex Brooker expressed admiration for his teammate, Tom Grennan, known for his performances both on the pitch and as a talented singer. Brooker shared his awe at Grennan’s multifaceted abilities, noting his exceptional fitness, football skills, and musical talent.

Alex Brooker acknowledged the impact of Grennan’s energy and dedication, drawing inspiration from his unwavering commitment to excelling in various domains. Despite feeling envious of Grennan’s all-rounded abilities, Brooker praised him for his outstanding qualities and positive attitude.

For Soccer Aid 2024, the managerial team for England will include esteemed personalities such as Frank Lampard, Harry Redknapp, and David Seaman. Brooker expressed anticipation regarding the influence that Lampard will bring to the team dynamics during the upcoming charity match.

On the opposing side, Soccer Aid World XI will feature formidable players like Livi Sheldon, Diamond, and the renowned football star Eden Hazard. Brooker acknowledged the challenge posed by these new additions to the opposing team, emphasizing the significance of Soccer Aid in uniting individuals for a noble cause.

Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 is set to take place at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, 9th June. The event promises an electrifying display of football talent while raising funds for UNICEF’s impactful initiatives. The match will be broadcast live on ITV1, STV, and ITVX, with renowned personalities Dermot O’Leary and Alex Scott hosting the live coverage.

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