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Brisbane Lions Continue Winning Streak and Coach Fagan’s Aspirations for Improvement



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Following a chain of five consecutive wins, the Brisbane Lions have emerged as a dominant force in the Australian Rules Football realm. Head coach, Chris Fagan, remains optimistic about the team’s upside potential.

The Lions’ recent triumph over Adelaide at the Gabba on Sunday night sent them into the seventh place, edging closer to the top four with seven games left in the season.

After a slow start to the season where the team was placed 13th after seven rounds, the Lions have now ascended to a position of contention, showcasing their resilience and adaptability in the league.

Fagan highlighted the need for defensive refinement while acknowledging the team’s offensive prowess. Finding a delicate equilibrium between offense and defense remains a focal point for the Lions as they aim for a sixth consecutive finals appearance.

In their clash against Adelaide, the Lions exhibited areas where defensive lapses could be tightened. Instances such as conceding goals from kick-ins and letting through substantial points in recent games underscore the team’s focus on bolstering their defense.

Star defender, Brandon Starcevich, who exited the game early following an off-the-ball incident involving Izak Rankine, will be missed in the Lions’ defensive setup against West Coast in their upcoming match.

Coach Fagan refrained from passing judgment on the incident, emphasizing the need for officials to address such matters. Adelaide coach, Matthew Nicks, echoed similar sentiments, opting to let the relevant entities handle the situation.

Despite personnel setbacks, the Lions showcased their scoring versatility, especially with players like Charlie Cameron stepping up, even after enduring a heavy fall during the match.

As the Lions gear up for the latter part of the season, Fagan believes there’s untapped potential within the team, particularly in players like Cameron, Zac Bailey, and Rayner, who have more to offer in terms of performance and impact on the field.

Nicks conceded to the Lions’ superior midfield dominance in the match, specifically pointing out the influence of Lachie Neale and Josh Dunkley, whose collective contribution posed challenges for Adelaide throughout the game.

Reflecting on their loss, Nicks emphasized the need to contain key players like Neale and Dunkley to gain the upper hand in future encounters, signifying the strategic adjustments Adelaide aims to make moving forward.

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