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Bruce Reville’s Inspirational Journey to AFL Stardom



Bruce Reville's Inspirational Journey To Afl Stardom

Bruce Reville‘s ascent to stardom in the AFL is a tale of unwavering dedication and resilience, characterized by an unyielding promise he made to a cherished friend before their tragic battle with cancer. Hailing from Papua New Guinea, Reville’s formative years in Burrum Heads, Queensland laid the groundwork for his extraordinary journey. His bond with the Sharman family, particularly with Josh Sharman, was pivotal in shaping his sporting prowess and determination.

Upon moving to Brisbane, Reville’s commitment to becoming an AFL star saw him endure arduous commutes and overcome numerous setbacks, including being overlooked in national drafts and grappling with injuries. Working tirelessly at an abattoir and Bunnings, Reville’s perseverance never wavered as he strived to break into the professional ranks.

Supported by his partner Zoe and driven by the memory of his late father Lenny, Reville’s promise to see it through until the end fueled his relentless pursuit of an AFL career. Despite facing numerous obstacles, Reville’s indomitable spirit and innate talent eventually caught the eye of Brisbane Lions‘ selectors, propelling him into the limelight.

Since making his debut for the Lions, Reville has captured the hearts of fans with his exceptional skills and unwavering determination. His recent standout performances, typified by a stellar goal-scoring display against Melbourne, underscore his rapid rise in the AFL circuit. Coach Chris Fagan lauds Reville’s courage, tenacity, and team-first approach, solidifying his status as a rising star in the league.

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