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Bunny Unlock Guide for The First Descendant Draws Attention as New Looter Shooter Surges in Popularity on Steam



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A new looter shooter game called The First Descendant has recently captured the attention of gamers, attracting over 170,000 concurrent players within just two hours of its launch on Steam. Developed by South Korean gaming giant Nexon, the game is quickly climbing the popularity charts, surpassing well-known titles like Team Fortress 2, GTA 5, and Palworld in terms of player base.

The First Descendant offers a unique blend of third-person shooter, RPG, and high sci-fi elements, catering to fans of co-op squad gameplay. Launched on Steam at midnight PDT, the game has already garnered mixed reviews but continues to gain traction among players seeking a new looter shooter experience.

Despite its rapid rise in player numbers, The First Descendant currently holds a ‘mixed’ rating on Valve‘s Steam platform, with 53% of the 1,841 player reviews being positive. Some players have reported performance issues and purchase-related glitches, common teething problems for new games with a large player base.

Issues such as delayed in-game currency purchases have been reported, with players experiencing deductions in funds without receiving the corresponding in-game items. However, players are advised to be patient as developers work to address these issues and ensure a smooth gaming experience for all.

For those looking to unlock the character Bunny in The First Descendant, a specific quest called Bunny Research must be completed to craft the character at Anais. Progressing through the game and fulfilling the quest objectives are key to unlocking Bunny, a favored character among players.

Rachel Adams

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