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Cat Janice Releases Final Song Amidst Cancer Battle



Cat Janice Releases Final Song Amidst Cancer Battle

The renowned singer Cat Janice, hailing from Washington, D.C., has recently gifted her seven-year-old son, Loren, with a priceless keepsake—a final song to remember her by. Janice, aged 31, had been diagnosed with a rare malignant tumor called sarcoma in 2021. Despite her courageous fight against cancer, she shared her journey on social media platforms. However, on January 15, she revealed that her cancer had progressed, and she was now receiving palliative care, unable to use her own voice.

In a surprising twist, Janice released her disco-pop track, ‘Dance You Outta My Head,’ on January 19. The song quickly gained traction, reaching the seventh spot globally on iTunes and amassing half a million streams on Spotify.

Overflowing with gratitude, Janice took to Instagram to express her utter astonishment at the overwhelming response to her song. She wrote, ‘I woke up to my medication pump beeping and checked my phone to witness this absolute God-given miracle, sparing my life for a few days, showcasing His power and incredible peace and trust in my life.’

On January 10, Janice entered palliative care after experiencing breathing difficulties in the intensive care unit. She subsequently transferred all the rights to her songs to her young son Loren, who will receive the streaming revenue.

Five days later, Janice expressed in a TikTok caption that she wanted her ‘final song’ to bring joy and pleasure. She added that it was all she had ever wanted throughout her battle with cancer. In another TikTok message, she pleaded, ‘My last joy would be for you to pre-save my song Dance You Outta My Head in my bio and stream it, as all proceeds go directly to my seven-year-old son whom I’m leaving behind.’

In an interview with People, Janice revealed that the inspiration for ‘Dance You Outta My Head’ came to her last spring while she and Loren were enjoying a car ride amidst beautiful weather. As the song goes, ‘Dancing on the edge of disaster makes my heart beat faster.’

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