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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Launch Kismet Pet Food Brand



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Celebrities and entrepreneurs Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have joined forces to introduce their new venture, Kismet, targeting the pet food industry. The brand encompasses premium dog food, merchandise, and engaging content for pet owners. In a statement, Teigen and Legend expressed their deep connection with dogs and the inspiration behind Kismet as a brand that encapsulates the joy and playfulness of canine companionship.

Kwane Stewart, DVM, renowned for his philanthropic work with Project Street Vet and his recognition as the 2023 CNN Hero of the Year, has been appointed as the brand’s chief veterinary officer. Stewart’s dedication to providing veterinary care to pets in underserved communities aligns with Kismet’s mission to enhance the lives of pets and their owners.

Stewart, known for his grassroots efforts in offering free veterinary services to pets of homeless individuals, has expanded Project Street Vet’s outreach to include nutrition initiatives. Through Kismet, Stewart aims to broaden his impact and address the nutritional needs of pets alongside the brand’s premium offerings.

In collaboration with board-certified veterinary nutritionists, Kismet has developed a range of dog food formulas that prioritize gut health and utilize alternative grains like barley and brown rice. By incorporating superfoods, pre- and probiotics, the brand aims to provide nutritionally balanced options that bridge the gap between fresh and kibble formats.

The brand’s product line includes dry complete-and-balanced diets featuring real animal proteins, essential vitamins, minerals, and freeze-dried ‘nugs’ for added nutrients. Additionally, Kismet offers slow-cooked treats in beef and salmon variants, crafted with limited ingredients to cater to discerning pet parents.

Complementing its product offerings, Kismet has launched Kismet Cares, a philanthropic arm supporting organizations such as Project Street Vet and Paws for Life, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs from high-kill shelters. The brand’s commitment to animal welfare underscores its holistic approach to pet care.

Kismet’s products are currently available through its direct-to-consumer platform, with plans for expanded retail distribution in the future. Mathé Young Mosny, the brand’s CEO, commended Teigen and Legend for their dedication to quality and community engagement in shaping Kismet’s vision and fostering a community of dog lovers united by their passion.

Rachel Adams

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