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College Board President Jeremy Singer Appointed to Lead FAFSA Revamp Efforts



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The Education Department has selected Jeremy Singer, the current president of the College Board, to spearhead the overhaul of the upcoming Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2025–26 academic year. This decision follows concerns within higher education circles about potential delays in the FAFSA launch after technical issues during the current cycle. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona has assured stakeholders that the new application will be improved and released on time.

Jeremy Singer’s appointment signals a strategic change in the FAFSA process and aligns with broader transformation initiatives at the Office for Federal Student Aid. Singer, known for his expertise in technology solutions and his role in the digital SAT development, will take a temporary leave from the College Board to serve as the FAFSA executive advisor. He will lead the planning for the 2025–26 FAFSA and collaborate with the Education Department to enhance systems, boost technical capabilities, and drive innovation for a smoother application experience.

College Board trustees, including Derek Kindle from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Gail Holt from Amherst College, have expressed confidence in Singer’s leadership abilities and his understanding of complex technological systems. Singer’s familiarity with the higher education landscape and the financial aid process has generated optimism among stakeholders, who hope for positive changes following recent FAFSA challenges.

In addition to appointing Singer, the department has announced a series of listening sessions to gather feedback on how to better support students, families, and institutions in the upcoming FAFSA cycle. It has also confirmed that the 2025–26 application will maintain consistency with the current form to minimize disruptions for applicants.

Changes mandated by Congress for the 2024–25 FAFSA, aimed at simplifying the process and expanding Pell Grant eligibility, have faced implementation hurdles. Despite these challenges, the Education Department reports significant progress in resolving issues with the current application cycle. Efforts to increase FAFSA completion rates include a $50 million FAFSA Student Support Strategy that has allocated funds to over 180 organizations.

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