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Dale Alcock Slams Government’s ‘Right to Disconnect’ Rules and Calls Out Employment Minister



Dale Alcock Slams Government's 'right To Disconnect' Rules And Calls Out Employment Minister

Building sector titan Dale Alcock has vehemently criticized the Federal Government‘s newly implemented ‘right to disconnect’ regulations, describing them as ‘a load of s—‘ and directing his frustration towards Employment Minister Tony Burke. Alcock, who heads the State’s largest home builder ABN Group, went on to reveal that he had previously advised the former Federal Government to slow down the influx of COVID stimulus funds, in order to prevent an overwhelming surge in home building projects and subsequent company collapses in Western Australia.

In his scathing appraisal of the government’s ‘right to disconnect’ rules, Alcock expressed his dissatisfaction with their effectiveness and suitability within the building sector. He asserted that these regulations were ill-suited to the nature of the industry and deemed them impractical for the smooth operation of businesses.

Alcock’s criticism did not stop there, as he directed his dissatisfaction towards Employment Minister Tony Burke. It is unclear whether Alcock’s grievances were solely related to the ‘right to disconnect’ rules, or if there were additional concerns he felt Burke needed to address.

Additionally, Alcock disclosed that he had previously cautioned the former Federal Government about the potential consequences of excessive COVID stimulus measures. Despite the intention to stimulate the economy, these measures inadvertently resulted in a significant backlog of home building projects and led to the collapse of numerous companies in Western Australia.

Dale Alcock’s ABN Group has long been a prominent player in the building sector, with a strong presence in Western Australia. As such, his criticisms carry substantial weight and are likely to draw attention from industry professionals and governmental figures alike.

Rachel Adams

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