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Dog Rapist Sentencing Delayed as Court Awaits Psychological Reports



Dog Rapist Sentencing Delayed As Court Awaits Psychological Reports

A dog rapist who sexually abused and killed animals in his ‘torture room’ had his sentencing delayed as the court awaits the submission of psychological reports. Adam Britton, a former zoologist who worked with Sir David Attenborough, pleaded guilty to 60 charges, including bestiality, animal cruelty, and possession of child abuse material. The sentencing was set to take place last December, but was postponed as Britton’s team requested more time to examine a psychiatric report on his rehabilitation prospects. The prosecution also requested a delay to prepare their own psychological report.

The sentencing is now set for May, but Chief Justice Grant expressed doubts that the psychological report would reduce Britton’s culpability for his actions. Supporters of the victims of Britton’s crimes gathered outside the Darwin’s Supreme Court, hoping he would receive a lengthy sentence. The defense’s request for psychological tests to assess Britton’s suitability for rehabilitation drew criticism from those who believe he should receive the death penalty.

Between 2020 and 2022, Britton tortured, raped, and murdered over 40 animals from his remote home in McMinns Lagoon and a neighboring property. He filmed the horrific abuse and shared it online, hoping to gain notoriety for creating the most shocking video ever. Britton obtained dogs from unsuspecting locals on Gumtree, using deception to secure the animals. In conversations, he revealed his sadistic desires towards animals and admitted he couldn’t stop himself from hurting dogs.

Britton’s reign of terror ended when a video he uploaded to an abuse website caught the attention of internet sleuths. The violent and disturbing clip was reported to the authorities, leading to a joint investigation by the Northern Territory Police and the Australian Federal Police‘s Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team. They raided Britton’s home and he has been in custody since then.

During his trial, the disturbing details of Britton’s double life were revealed. He abused dogs in a shipping container he referred to as his ‘torture room’ on his property. His estranged wife, Erin Britton, who was unaware of his actions, has cut all ties with him. Animal activists, who were once deceived by Britton’s charm and animal expertise that even earned him an appearance on a BBC documentary with David Attenborough, are now calling for him to face the harshest punishment.

Rachel Adams

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