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Emma Stone Opens Up About Her Battle with Anxiety and How Acting Has Helped Her



Emma Stone Opens Up About Her Battle With Anxiety And How Acting Has Helped Her

Emma Stone, the talented Oscar-winning actor, recently spoke candidly about her ongoing battle with anxiety and how acting has become her superpower in coping with it. Stone revealed that she experienced her first panic attack at the young age of 7, but through her career in acting, she has found a way to channel her anxiety into her performances.

Stone emphasized that acting allows her to dive into her ‘big feelings’ and helps her stay in the present moment, offering a respite from her anxiety. She described it as a therapeutic outlet that enables her to express herself and connect with others.

The interview with Stone was part of the podcast Fresh Air, where host Terry Gross delved into Stone’s experiences with mental health and her strategies for managing anxiety. The conversation shed light on the unique challenges faced by actors, who often confront their own vulnerabilities while embodying different characters on screen.

In another entertainment news, a highly anticipated new FX series titled ‘Feud’ is making waves with its captivating story and star-studded cast. Starring Tom Hollander and Naomi Watts, the show goes beyond the surface of reality TV drama, offering a complex narrative that delves into the dynamics between Truman Capote and New York City’s society ladies. The eight-part series promises a compelling exploration of power, fame, and relationships.

Shifting gears, historian Benjamin Breen recently published Tripping on Utopia, a book that explores the fascinating research of anthropologist Margaret Mead. Breen uncovers Mead’s early investigations into psychedelic substances, which later intersected with secret CIA experiments using psychedelics for various purposes, including interrogation techniques.

The book sheds light on the connections between Mead’s research and the psychedelic era, showcasing how her work influenced cultural perceptions and paved the way for further exploration of altered states of consciousness.

These stories and interviews provide a glimpse into the multifaceted world of entertainment, mental health, and historical research. They serve as reminders that even individuals in the spotlight face their own personal battles and contribute to shaping our society’s understanding of various topics.

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