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Colman Domingo Reveals Heartwarming Story of How He Met Husband Raúl



Colman Domingo Reveals Heartwarming Story Of How He Met Husband Raúl

Colman Domingo, known for his roles in Euphoria, If Beale Street Could Talk, and Selma, recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show to discuss his portrayal of gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin in the film. The conversation then took a heartwarming turn as Domingo shared the extraordinary story of how he met his husband, Raúl Domingo.

The actor recounted that in 2005, while living in Berkeley, California, he first spotted Raúl on the street. Intrigued by his charm and appearance, Domingo made an effort to catch his attention. However, their initial encounter did not lead to an immediate connection.

A few days later, Domingo stumbled upon a Craigslist “missed connections” ad placed by Raúl. Astonishingly, it perfectly described their first meeting. The two arranged a date and ended up spending the night together. At 4am, Domingo confessed his feelings and told Raúl that he believed their meeting was life-changing.

The story left Graham Norton and the audience in awe, applauding Domingo for his magical tale. The actor expressed his belief in the power of destiny and love, stating that he genuinely thinks “magic happens.”

Colman Domingo’s portrayal of Bayard Rustin in the film has garnered him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. This nomination marks only the second time that an “out” gay actor has been recognized by the Academy for playing a gay character, the first being Ian McKellen for his role in Gods and Monsters.

Domingo emphasized that despite their shared sexual orientation, he had to approach his portrayal of Rustin like any other character. He built the role by infusing it with the depth and authenticity that he draws from his own experiences and emotions.

The 2024 Oscars, where Domingo’s nomination will be celebrated, are scheduled for Sunday, March 10.

Rachel Adams

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