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GNWT Presents Interim Budget for 2024-2025, Focuses on Financial Challenges and Economic Strengthening



Gnwt Presents Interim Budget For 2024 2025, Focuses On Financial Challenges And Economic Strengthening

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has tabled an Interim Budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year, aimed at providing funding for programs and services during the first quarter of the upcoming year. The budget, presented by Finance Minister Caroline Wawzonek, acknowledges the financial strains caused by flooding, droughts, wildfires, and the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges have impacted the government’s capacity to sustain its finances.

To maintain fiscal sustainability, the GNWT has taken significant steps to address the situation. Firstly, a budget cap of $260 million has been implemented for large capital projects, which better aligns with the government’s delivery capacity. This measure has helped steer the medium-term fiscal outlook towards a more sustainable path. Additionally, an updated Fiscal Responsibility Policy ensures greater transparency and accountability by mandating that the budgeted consolidated debt remains at least $120 million under the federal borrowing limit. The implementation of the Government Renewal Initiative seeks to enhance efficiency and value for money within the public service.

Looking ahead, the GNWT recognizes the urgent need to strengthen the Northwest Territories economy. Aging diamond mines, limited economic diversity, and declining private sector investment have contributed to the territory’s economic challenges. External events, such as supply chain disruptions and labor market availability, also influence the region’s economic climate. Despite these obstacles, the NWT‘s employment rate remains strong, and wages continue to grow. While this is beneficial for workers, it can create financial pressures for businesses.

Considering the significant challenges faced, the GNWT emphasizes the importance of sufficient fiscal resources to address future needs. A well-defined fiscal strategy, rooted in the mandate and priorities of the 20th Legislative Assembly, will guide the government in developing the budget for the upcoming year and operational plans for its duration. In preparation for the operating budget in May 2024, the GNWT is carefully assessing its own-source revenues in conjunction with the implications for the cost of living and doing business. The territory heavily relies on federal transfers, making revenue growth in the short-term difficult. The government is committed to maximizing value from expenditure and ensuring programs and services align with the Assembly’s priorities.

The upcoming budget discussions leading to the tabling of the 2024-2025 Main Estimates will play a vital role in improving the territory’s fiscal position. The legislative assembly’s decision to take the necessary time for thorough planning will ensure that the priorities of the 20th Legislative Assembly are reflected in the financial plans going forward.

Rachel Adams

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