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God’s Remembrance: Opening a Book of Pleasant Remembrance



God's Remembrance: Opening A Book Of Pleasant Remembrance

There is something comforting about being remembered, especially when it comes from someone in a position of power or authority. In the spiritual realm, the concept of remembrance takes on a whole new level of significance. The Bible recounts several instances where God remembered individuals or intervened in their lives when they cried out to Him.

One such story is found in the book of Esther. The king, Ahasuerus, could not sleep one night and decided to have the book of records read to him. As he listened, he discovered that Mordecai, one of his loyal servants, had uncovered a plot to harm him. Shockingly, Mordecai had not been rewarded for his loyalty and the king wondered what honor and dignity had been done to him.

Meanwhile, Haman, an adversary of Mordecai, had come to the court with the intention of asking the king for permission to hang Mordecai on the gallows he had prepared. Little did he know that God was orchestrating a divine intervention. When asked for his advice on how to honor a man the king delighted in, Haman presumed he would be the recipient. However, the king commanded him to honor Mordecai by providing him with royal attire and riding him on horseback through the city while proclaiming his deserving honor.

This account shows how God’s remembrance can turn the tables in someone’s favor. It highlights that when God remembers His people, He not only brings forth their good deeds but also takes away their reproach. This was evident in the lives of Rachel and Hannah, two women who were initially barren but were remembered by God. Rachel conceived and bore a son, and Hannah’s reproach of childlessness was taken away as she became a mother.

Nehemiah, the great builder, understood the significance of God’s remembrance. He fervently prayed and asked God to remember the good deeds he had done for the house of God. He knew that being remembered by God could lead to divine intervention in his situation and the preservation of his good deeds.

As believers, we are encouraged to seek God’s remembrance and intervention in our lives by praying and making our requests known to Him. Just like in Nehemiah’s time, God’s remembrance can bring guidance, favor, and blessings. It can transform our circumstances and turn our reproach into a testimony.

Therefore, let us boldly ask that the Almighty God opens a book of pleasant remembrance for us this year. Let us pray that He remembers us and our families for good, bringing forth our good deeds, taking away our reproach, and showering us with His blessings. May this be a year of divine remembrance, where God intervenes in our lives and turns things around for our favor.

Rachel Adams

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