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Hornets Secure Victory Over Pacers with Dominant Play from Bridges and Newcomers



Hornets Secure Victory Over Pacers With Dominant Play From Bridges And Newcomers

The Charlotte Hornets displayed a powerful performance as they secured a 111-102 victory over the Indiana Pacers in a thrilling NBA match. The star of the game, Miles Bridges, showcased his skills with 20 points, 10 rebounds, and seven assists, leading the Hornets to their second consecutive win. Alongside Bridges, newcomers Grant Williams, Seth Curry, Tre Mann, and Vasilije Micic added significant offensive prowess to the team’s performance.

Williams, the standout addition, contributed 21 points, while Curry impressed with 18 points off the bench. Mann, who started the game, displayed versatility with 11 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists. Micic, an additional asset to the Hornets, played a crucial role in enhancing the team’s overall ball movement.

The Hornets, now under a 2-0 streak since the new additions, demonstrated an effective offensive strategy, tallying 27 assists and ensuring a cohesive team effort. Tyrese Haliburton‘s performance for the Pacers with 13 points and 12 rebounds could not turn the tide in their favor, ultimately falling short in the face of Charlotte’s rejuvenated lineup.

Headlined by a powerful fourth-quarter display, the Hornets restricted the Pacers’ offensive production, holding them to just 22 points in the final quarter. The superior ball movement and depth showcased by the Hornets post-trade have positioned them for greater success going forward, offering a fresh perspective on their season.

Coach Rick Carlisle of the Pacers expressed disappointment with his team’s performance, emphasizing the need for a more competitive spirit and efficient rebounding. In contrast, the Hornets’ rejuvenated roster, marked by key contributors like Mann, Williams, Curry, and Micic, reflected an encouraging shift in their gameplay.

As the Hornets look to solidify their recent success, the Pacers will regroup for their upcoming game, aiming to rectify their performance issues and regain momentum in the season. The dynamic interplay between Bridges and the new additions has reinvigorated Charlotte’s gameplay, setting the stage for a compelling series of matches ahead.

Rachel Adams

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