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Seahawks Legends Use Their Platform for Social Justice



Seahawks Legends Use Their Platform For Social Justice

In the aftermath of their Super Bowl XLVIII triumph, a trio of Seattle Seahawks Legends—Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, and Doug Baldwin—emerged not only as phenomenal athletes on the field but as powerful advocates for social justice off the field. CBS Sports revisits how these iconic Seahawks players used their platform to speak out against racial injustices in America.

Sherman, Bennett, and Baldwin were pivotal members of the Seahawks’ championship season in 2013. Sherman, along with Browner, Thomas, and Chancellor, formed the backbone of the league’s top-tier secondary defense. Baldwin, a dynamic wide receiver, showcased his talent during Seattle’s playoff run, culminating in a standout performance in the Super Bowl. However, beyond their athletic achievements, the trio became known for their vocal activism, particularly in highlighting the struggles faced by African Americans.

As tragedies involving African Americans at the hands of law enforcement shook the nation, Sherman, Bennett, and Baldwin chose to use their fame to shed light on these injustices. Bennett expressed the importance of amplifying the voices of the voiceless and bringing about change. They transitioned from speaking out during press conferences to appearing on national platforms like CNN, sparking crucial conversations about systemic racism.

In emotional meetings within the team, the Seahawks players grappled with the weight of the issues plaguing their communities. They were moved to action by the stories of individuals like Carr, a mother seeking justice for her son, and Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy tragically killed by police. These encounters motivated Baldwin, Sherman, and Bennett to continue their advocacy work, ensuring that the voices of the marginalized were amplified.

CBS Sports showcases the enduring impact of the 2013 Seahawks team, immortalizing not only their on-field triumphs but also their off-field activism. The legacy of Sherman, Bennett, and Baldwin extends far beyond football, standing as a testament to the power athletes hold in advocating for social change.

Rachel Adams

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