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Actress Ambika Mod Reveals Creepy Sleeping Habit on The Graham Norton Show



Actress Ambika Mod Reveals Creepy Sleeping Habit On The Graham Norton Show

Actress Ambika Mod made a startling revelation on The Graham Norton Show regarding her peculiar sleeping habit that has left many viewers intrigued. The 29-year-old star, well-known for her role in the series adaptation of David Nicholls’ novel ‘One Day,’ confessed to an unusual habit of sleeping with her eyes open, sending shockwaves through the studio.

During the show, hosted by Graham Norton and featuring guests such as Michael Sheen, Sir Ian McKellen, comedian Josh Widdicombe, and singer Gabrielle, Ambika shared her eerie nightly routine. She described how even when in bed, her eyes do not fully close, a trait she has had since childhood.

Josh Widdicombe, one of the show’s guests, was quick to express his astonishment, exclaiming, ‘Why have we done the rest of the show and not started with this bit?’ The audience and fellow guests were equally taken aback by the revelation, with Graham Norton humorously interrupting the discussion to express his disbelief.

As Ambika demonstrated how her eyes naturally remain slightly open during sleep, she clarified that she struggled to shut her eyelids fully. This seemingly simple act of closing her eyes proved to be a challenge for the actress due to what she described as her eyelids not being big enough for her eyeballs.

Delving deeper into her unique mannerism, Ambika disclosed that the habit stemmed from her childhood and was something her mother had noticed even when she was a baby. Despite the initial shock factor, Ambika shared this aspect of herself with humor and grace, garnering respect and interest from the audience.

In a reflective moment, Ambika also discussed her casting in the role of Emma Morley, previously portrayed by Anne Hathaway, in ‘One Day.’ The actress highlighted the significance of diverse casting choices, expressing her excitement at bringing a fresh perspective to the character, indicating progress in on-screen representation.

Ambika’s openness about her personal traits and professional experiences provided a compelling insight into the world of entertainment, showcasing the actor’s captivating personality and dedication to her craft.

Rachel Adams

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