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Ozzy Osbourne Rejects Kanye West’s Sample Request Citing Antisemitism Concerns



Ozzy Osbourne Rejects Kanye West's Sample Request Citing Antisemitism Concerns

Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic frontman of Black Sabbath, has made headlines by revealing that he declined Kanye West‘s request to sample a vocal-less excerpt from the band’s legendary performance of ‘War Pigs‘ back in 1983.

In a recent tweet, the 75-year-old Osbourne condemned West as an ‘antisemite,’ expressing his refusal to associate with the controversial rapper due to the harm he has caused to many individuals.

Although Osbourne rejected West’s request, the latter reportedly proceeded to use the sample without permission during an album listening party held in Chicago for his latest project, ‘Vultures‘.

West, who has faced extensive backlash for his offensive remarks and actions, has not yet responded to Osbourne’s public denouncement.

Notably, Osbourne’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, also chimed in on the situation by mocking West on social media with the hashtag #permissionnotgranted, alongside a comical skit featuring Lionel Richie and Dave Grohl.

Considering West’s history of controversial statements and behavior, including recent antisemitic outbursts and subsequent apologies, the clash with the Osbournes adds another layer to the rapper’s tumultuous public image.

Despite Osbourne’s health challenges, which have led to the cancellation of his tour dates, the rock legend continues to make waves in the music industry and beyond with his outspoken stance against individuals like Kanye West.

Rachel Adams

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