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Nollywood Actor Femi Durojaiye Expresses Love for Ex-Wife Despite Divorce



Nollywood Actor Femi Durojaiye Expresses Love For Ex Wife Despite Divorce

Nollywood actor Femi Durojaiye recently revealed his enduring love for his estranged wife, emphasizing the power of love in relationships. In an interview with PUNCH, Durojaiye reflected on his deep emotional connection with his ex-wife, attributing their strong bond to a longstanding friendship that spanned nearly two decades prior to their marriage.

Despite their divorce, Durojaiye acknowledged that his feelings towards his ex-wife remain affectionate, describing their separation as a result of mutual agreement rather than animosity. He highlighted the importance of love as a foundational element in any successful relationship.

Expressing his admiration for couples in love, Durojaiye shared insights into his personal journey, recounting the origins of his relationship with his ex-wife during their teenage years. He emphasized the significance of genuine affection and friendship in sustaining marital bonds.

While expressing a desire to spend Valentine’s Day with his former spouse, Durojaiye noted the constraints of work that may limit such opportunities. He emphasized the need for individuals to prioritize love over other superficial factors when entering into marriages, cautioning against marrying solely based on religious considerations.

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