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Jujutsu Kaisen’s Influence: Rise in Exorcist Manga Trends and Impact on Shōnen Jump



Jujutsu Kaisen's Influence: Rise In Exorcist Manga Trends And Impact On Shōnen Jump

The incredible success of \”Jujutsu Kaisen\” has not only elevated its popularity but has also sparked a notable transformation in the realm of manga, particularly in the exorcist genre.

While exorcist-themed series have enjoyed some level of success in the past with titles like \”Mob Psycho 100,\” \”D. Gray-Man,\” and \”Noragami,\” the surge in interest in this trope has significantly escalated following the global acclaim of \”Jujutsu Kaisen.\”

This surge in popularity is evidenced by the manga ranking as the top title in 2024, a remarkable achievement and a testament to its impact on the industry.

The immense influence of \”Jujutsu Kaisen\” is not restricted to its popularity alone, as it is reshaping the landscape of the manga industry by inspiring numerous mangaka to delve into the exorcist theme within their creations.

Weekly Shōnen Jump, a premier manga magazine, is set to launch three new series shortly, two of which—\”Kiyoshi The Exorcist\” and \”Yokai Buster Murakami\”—revolve around exorcists, bearing witness to the discernible trend instigated by the monumental success of \”Jujutsu Kaisen.\”

This trend highlights the profound impact of Gege Akutami‘s work, solidifying the manga’s position as the most influential modern title in the industry.

\”Jujutsu Kaisen’s\” influence transcends the mere thematic inclination towards exorcists; it has laid the groundwork for similar titles to garner attention and recognition in the competitive manga sphere.

Noteworthy developments within Weekly Shōnen Jump include the introduction of two exorcist-themed series, \”Nue’s Exorcist\” and \”Kyokuto Necromancer,\” in the past year alone. Moreover, the magazine is poised to feature two additional series centered on exorcists—\”Yokai Buster Murakami\” by Daihin Ihara and \”Kiyoshi the Exorcist\” by Usui Shoichi—signaling the publication’s commitment to this trend.

With five exorcist series slated for publication in Shōnen Jump, the industry is clearly embracing and building upon the foundation laid by the phenomenal success of \”Jujutsu Kaisen.\”

The emergence of new exorcist-themed manga may echo the precedents set by \”Jujutsu Kaisen\” in supernatural battle narratives, featuring unique elements such as curse techniques and domain expansions.

While these series share a common foundation, emerging manga artists infuse their creations with distinct perspectives, incorporating diverse genres like romantic comedies, harems, and gags to carve out their unique narrative identities.

\”Jujutsu Kaisen\” has undeniably revolutionized the shōnen genre and contributed to a proliferation of manga with akin storylines and tropes in recent times.

As the narrative of \”Jujutsu Kaisen\” approaches its climax, with characters confronting the formidable King of Curses, Sukuna, industry enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the evolution of the manga landscape post its conclusion, as other beloved titles like \”My Hero Academia\” and \”One Piece\” also edge towards their finales.

Recognizing the need for fresh content, especially in the wake of impending conclusions of popular series, magazines like Shōnen Jump are actively seeking the next big breakthrough, evident in their recent recruitment drives and initiatives to introduce new series to captivate audiences.

The resonating success of \”Jujutsu Kaisen\” in the manga realm has been unparalleled, akin to the soaring sales witnessed during the peak of \”Demon Slayer\” mania, fueled by the exceptional anime adaptation of the latter. The quest for a successor to \”Jujutsu Kaisen\” looms large, with the industry closely monitoring the impact of the inspiring manga and awaiting potential contenders to emerge from its legacy.

Rachel Adams

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