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Martin Lewis shares clever tip to save on breakdown cover costs



Martin Lewis Shares Clever Tip To Save On Breakdown Cover Costs

Financial expert Martin Lewis, founder of the Money Saving Expert (MSE) website, has recently shared a savvy tip for UK motorists to save money on their breakdown cover costs. Last week, MSE advised drivers to never renew their breakdown cover automatically and instead recommended haggling with their provider for a better deal.

In a poll conducted by MSE, motorists were asked if they had success in negotiating a lower price for their breakdown cover. The results revealed that drivers could save hundreds of pounds by simply haggling with their provider. The RAC was rated the easiest company to haggle with, closely followed by the AA and Green flag.

The poll showed that out of 141 attempts, 85% of hagglers managed to secure a cheaper rate with the RAC. Similarly, out of 309 hagglers, 84% were successful in obtaining a better deal with the AA. Green flag ranked third, with 71% of hagglers achieving a lower price.

MSE estimated that drivers could save more than £100 by asking their provider for a better deal. Additionally, the website advised drivers to carefully consider the type of coverage they need. New car owners, for instance, may only require basic cover, while drivers with older or less reliable vehicles should consider a full-service policy that includes basic, home start, and onward travel cover.

MSE also recommended checking the specifics of one’s policy, as the type of coverage, whether for the car or a person, can significantly impact the premium. Opting for joint policies instead of individual ones for households with multiple drivers can also lead to cost savings.

Furthermore, drivers should check if their bank provides free breakdown cover, as premium accounts often come with bundled products, including car cover. It is also important for motorists who frequently travel overseas to ensure that their policy covers travel across Europe, not just the UK.

MSE stressed the importance of keeping track of policy dates and phoning providers to discuss new deals before automatically renewing the same one. This haggling tip is just one of the ways that UK motorists are finding ways to save money on their vehicles.

Rachel Adams

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