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Protestants Embrace Ash Wednesday: A Bridge to Catholicism or a Display of Religious Pluralism?



In a unique display of religious inclusivity, Baptist pastor Robin Anderson set up outside the Braddock Road Metro Station in Alexandria, Virginia, offering commuters ‘glitter ashes’ on Ash Wednesday. This unconventional approach aimed to symbolize ‘inclusion’ in Christian life, according to Anderson. Reverend Marian Edmonds-Allen, the creator of glitter ashes, sought guidance from various Protestant theologians, who affirmed that the combination of ashes with glitter is not sacrilegious.

The phenomenon of ‘glitter ashes’ may seem unconventional for the solemn occasion of Ash Wednesday, but it is just one example of Protestant engagement with the holy day. While many traditionalist denominations like Presbyterianism adhere strictly to the regulative principle of worship, which limits public worship activities to those explicitly stated in Scripture, numerous Protestant branches, including Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Anglicanism, and Methodism, have long celebrated Ash Wednesday.

In the past, conservative Presbyterian groups would have shunned the idea of an Ash Wednesday service due to their doctrinal stance. However, over the years, various Protestant churches have embraced the observance of Ash Wednesday, taking cues from historical traditions. Even though practices such as the imposition of ashes were discouraged by some early Reformers, the resurgence of Ash Wednesday within Protestantism reflects a broader movement towards incorporating ancient liturgical practices.

The spiritual significance of Ash Wednesday in Protestant services mirrors that of Catholic observances, with Anglicans, Methodists, and Lutherans promoting acts of fasting and repentance in alignment with Catholic traditions. This shared emphasis on penitence marks the beginning of the Lenten season, emphasizing prayer, fasting, and seeking forgiveness for sins.

For Catholics, the acceptance of Protestant traditions like Ash Wednesday can be viewed as an opportunity for dialogue and commonality. However, this resurgence of Ash Wednesday among Protestants may also indicate a trend towards ‘ecclesial consumerism,’ where individuals pick and choose religious practices based on personal preferences. While the appeal of participating in traditional rituals may draw Protestants towards ancient Church traditions, it could also serve as a potential deterrent from considering a conversion to Catholicism.

Protestant Ash Wednesday practices, rooted in individual interpretation and personal choice, highlight the inherent theological diversity within Protestantism, as St. John Henry Newman famously critiqued. This diversity is evident in modern phenomena like ‘glitter ashes,’ showcasing a willingness to break away from conventional religious norms based on subjective judgment.

While the shared observance of Ash Wednesday between Catholics and Protestants offers a common ground for reflection and repentance, it also underscores the distinct differences in theological perspectives. The sacramental richness of the Catholic Church, including the Eucharist and sacrament of reconciliation, stands out as a unique offering that goes beyond external practices like the imposition of ashes, pointing to a deeper communion with Christ and His Church.

Rachel Adams

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