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Putin’s Daughters Make Rare Appearance at St. Petersburg Economic Forum



Putin's Daughters Make Rare Appearance At St. Petersburg Economic Forum

President Vladimir Putin‘s typically private daughters, Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova, have emerged from secrecy to speak at the prestigious St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), signaling a potential shift in Putin’s approach to his family ties. Vorontsova, a genetic researcher, participated in a panel discussing innovation and biotechnology, while Tikhonova, a tech executive, shared insights on the defense industry at the event known as Russia’s Davos.

Their appearances, orchestrated to enhance Putin’s image according to CIA veteran Ronald Marks, may signify the Russian President’s strategic move as he enters his fifth term and approaches the age of 72. Putin, who has traditionally been guarded about his family, could be leveraging his daughters’ public role to strengthen his legacy and grip on power in Moscow.

While Putin has rarely discussed his children, the decision to put his daughters in the spotlight hints at a calculated shift in his approach to lineage and authority, a common theme in Russian politics.

The forum in St. Petersburg provided a platform for Putin’s daughters to showcase their expertise, with influential figures like Andrey Fursenko and Vladimir Solovyov moderating their respective panels. Tikhonova’s involvement in Russia’s defense sector and Vorontsova’s work in state-funded programs have drawn international attention and scrutiny.

Despite past sanctions imposed on Putin’s daughters by the US, their recent public engagements, including Vorontsova’s advocacy for Russian policies on Crimea and the West, indicate a growing role in promoting their father’s regime.

Putin’s daughters are not the only offspring of the Russian elite making appearances at SPIEF; figures like Sergei Shoigu’s daughter and Kremlin Chief of Staff Anton Vaino’s son were also on the summit’s agenda. This trend marks a generational transition, with younger family members stepping into prominent roles in Putin’s circle, potentially aiming to secure their position within the regime.

Rachel Adams

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