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Tom Brady Set to Join Las Vegas Raiders Ownership Group and Launch Broadcast Career



Tom Brady Set To Join Las Vegas Raiders Ownership Group And Launch Broadcast Career

Legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady is on the brink of becoming a limited partner with the Las Vegas Raiders, marking a significant milestone in his post-playing career.

Brady’s transition from the field to the boardroom has been in the works for some time, with recent developments pointing to his impending ownership role with the Raiders.

Sources close to the situation have confirmed that Brady has met the necessary requirements set forth by the NFL to become a minority owner in the league.

The final step in the process is for the NFL’s Finance Committee to review Brady’s investment, with a key meeting scheduled to take place in New York on March 4 or 5.

If all goes according to plan, the official approval is expected to be granted during the NFL Annual League Meeting in Orlando from March 24-27.

A league spokesperson provided a brief update, stating that the matter is currently under review by the finance committee.

Earlier reports indicated that Brady’s initial valuation for the Raiders had been adjusted to reflect the team’s true market value, paving the way for a smoother approval process.

Brady, alongside his business partner Tom Wagner from Knighthead Capital, is set to acquire approximately 10% ownership stake in the Raiders, with Brady’s personal share estimated at around 7%.

According to Sportico’s valuation, the Raiders are valued at a staggering $5.8 billion, underscoring the magnitude of Brady’s potential investment in the franchise.

Brady’s foray into Raiders ownership was first publicized back in May 2023, signaling his interest in taking on a new challenge in the world of sports business.

Aside from his involvement with the Raiders, Brady and Wagner have also jointly invested in various other sports ventures, including soccer, pickleball, and auto racing.

Upon finalizing his ownership deal with the Raiders, Brady will officially retire from active NFL competition, as league regulations prohibit non-family members from owning equity in a team while still playing.

During the period of his pending ownership approval, Brady has been actively engaged with the Raiders organization, offering guidance on key decisions such as coaching appointments and offensive strategy.

Simultaneously, Brady is set to make his return to the NFL scene as a broadcaster, with a scheduled debut on FOX for the upcoming 2024 season.

Sources familiar with the situation have indicated that Brady is poised to assume a prominent role as a top analyst for FOX, leveraging his wealth of football knowledge and charismatic persona to entertain and inform viewers.

The transition to broadcasting has seen Brady immerse himself in preparation, mirroring his meticulous approach to football by studying the nuances of the TV industry.

Brady has sought advice from industry veterans such as Erin Andrews and Stephen A. Smith, in addition to logging hours of practice alongside his future broadcast partner Kevin Burkhardt.

His upcoming stint with FOX has generated significant anticipation, with fans eager to witness Brady’s unique perspective and insights on the game he dominated for over two decades.

Rachel Adams

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