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Top Boy Star Jaq Jobson Expresses Interest in Spin-Off Series After BAFTA Win



Following her recent win at the prestigious TV Award for Best Supporting Actress, Jaq Jobson, the talented star of Netflix‘s hit series Top Boy, has expressed her eagerness to continue portraying her beloved character Jaq Lawrence.

Speaking at the winners’ press conference, Jobson revealed to Deadline Hollywood her hopes for a potential spin-off series featuring her character. She mentioned, ‘Netflix hasn’t come to me. All I will say is: if Netflix is on it, I’m down [for it]. I was struggling to let go of Jaq, so if they want to bring it back, let’s do it, but it’s out of my hands.’

Jobson, who was overwhelmed by her BAFTA win, shared that she spent emotional moments backstage crying after receiving her award. This victory marked her third nomination after previous nods for Top Boy in 2020 and 2023.

Hopes are high for a new show centered around Jaq, although the production of such a series remains uncertain. Jobson’s co-star also expressed his uncertainty, mentioning that many shows in development never reach production stages, making it a precarious endeavor to announce such plans.

The creative team has also entertained discussions about potential projects such as a Top Boy prequel, a film adaptation, or even a stage musical. These ideas are in their early stages, with the creator remarking on the rich and deep world they have crafted.

It is clear from these dialogues that the world of Top Boy still holds significant potential, with the creator stating, ‘I think that the world of Top Boy, the world that we jointly created, is so rich, it’s so deep, and it has that fanatical following that it’s something that still has life in it. Some shows reach their end, and you kind of go, ‘Thank god they’ve ended, I love that show, but they’ve run out of steam’. But I do feel that there’s more juice to squeeze from Top Boy.’

Rachel Adams

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