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Wisconsin Veteran Gifted Super Bowl Trip by TJ Watt: A Hero’s Journey to Vegas



Wisconsin Veteran Gifted Super Bowl Trip By Tj Watt: A Hero's Journey To Vegas

Wisconsin veteran, Adam Alexander, is set to embark on an extraordinary journey to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, all thanks to an incredible gift from NFL star and Pewaukee native, TJ Watt.

Adam Alexander, a former Army Staff Sergeant from Oshkosh, was struck by sniper fire while deployed in Afghanistan in 2011, with slim chances of survival. Now, he is preparing to attend the Super Bowl as a guest of honor, courtesy of the Disabled American Veterans Organization and USAA, alongside the generous gesture from TJ Watt.

The meeting between Adam Alexander and TJ Watt is scheduled to take place in Vegas on Friday, creating a heartwarming moment that will be captured by outlets like CBS 58. The anticipation of this special encounter has left Alexander in awe, as he prepares to meet one of Wisconsin’s football icons.

A die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, Adam Alexander expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to attend the Super Bowl, especially with someone like TJ Watt, whom he considers ‘Wisconsin royalty.’ Their meeting is not just a meeting of fan and player, but a convergence of strength, resilience, and shared roots.

With a background deeply rooted in service and sacrifice, Adam Alexander’s journey to the Super Bowl symbolizes the unwavering spirit of our nation’s veterans. His story, from the battlefields of Afghanistan to the grand stage of the Super Bowl, is a testament to courage and perseverance.

This remarkable act of generosity from TJ Watt and the collaborative efforts of organizations like the Disabled American Veterans and USAA shine a spotlight on the bonds that unite us as a community, honoring those who have bravely served our country.

Rachel Adams

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