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Comedian Joe Tracini’s Raw Journey with Borderline Personality Disorder Unveiled in New Documentary



The candid exploration of actor and comedian Joe Tracini’s tumultuous battle with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) takes center stage in a revealing new documentary titled ‘Me And The Voice Inside My Head’. Tracini, renowned for his role as Dennis Savage in the hit soap opera ‘Hollyoaks‘, offers viewers an unfiltered look at the daily challenges of living with BPD.

The raw documentary showcases a poignant moment where Tracini, visibly impacted by BPD, grapples with answering a simple query posed by the film crew, ultimately leading to emotional turmoil.

Through the film, Tracini introduces viewers to ‘Mick‘, an embodiment of the critical voice within his mind that constantly undermines his thoughts and actions. ‘Mick’ symbolizes his ongoing struggle with addiction, panic attacks, and suicidal ideation.

As the documentary unfolds, Tracini delves into his childhood experiences, seeking insights from experts like Kate in Edinburgh, to navigate the complexities of therapy and understand the origins of his condition.

Tracini’s father, the well-known comedian Joe Pasquale, also makes a poignant appearance in the documentary, reflecting on his perceived absence during Joe’s upbringing and the impact it may have had on his son’s mental health journey.

Supported by a psychologist throughout the documentary’s production, Tracini’s courageous journey on ‘Channel 4‘ sheds light on the realities of living with BPD and the ongoing need for mental health support.

‘Me And The Voice Inside My Head’ provides a stark portrayal of vulnerability and resilience, inviting viewers to empathize with the complexities of mental health struggles. For those affected by similar issues, resources like Samaritans and NHS serve as vital support networks.

Rachel Adams

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