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Congress Leader Anand Sharma Raises Concerns Over Caste Census, Cites Indira and Rajiv Gandhi Legacy



Congress Leader Anand Sharma Raises Concerns Over Caste Census, Cites Indira And Rajiv Gandhi Legacy

Congress senior leader, Anand Sharma, has expressed reservations regarding the proposed caste census, emphasizing the party’s long-standing commitment to social justice. In a formal communication to the All India Congress Committee (AICC) national president, Mallikarjun Kharge, Sharma cautioned that a caste census might not serve as a definitive solution to unemployment and existing disparities in society.

Sharma’s letter resonates with the broader political discussions surrounding the demand for a caste census in India, an issue that gained prominence during the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress party and other regional entities within the INDIA bloc have shown support for the census, although Sharma’s message challenges this narrative.

Highlighting the historical stance of the Congress party, Sharma underscored that identity politics, particularly centered around caste, could be detrimental in a diverse society like India. He referenced influential figures in the party’s history, including Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, who opposed divisive approaches based on caste.

Referencing past statements by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, Sharma draws attention to their rejection of caste-centric politics. He quoted Indira Gandhi’s famous slogan, ‘Na jaat par na paat par, Mohar lagegi Haath par,’ and Rajiv Gandhi’s stance post the Mandal Commission protests in 1990, indicating their commitment to national unity.

Neeraj Shekhar, a Member of Parliament, responded to Sharma’s letter by reiterating the Congress’s inclusive ideology and the necessity of a caste census for formulating equitable policies. Shekhar emphasized that the party’s principles align with social justice and development across various sections of society.

Sharma’s correspondence with Kharge reflects a nuanced debate within the Congress party regarding the implications of a caste census. The letter serves as a reminder of the party’s foundational values and its vision for governance based on inclusivity and social welfare.

Rachel Adams

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