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Delta Goodrem Reveals Surprising Reason Behind Underwear Throwing at Concert



Australian singer Delta Goodrem has unveiled the unexpected reason behind female fans tossing bras and underwear at her during a recent concert performance. At the A Day on the Green event in Bowral, Goodrem, 39, experienced the unusual act of fans throwing undergarments on stage, leading to a comical exchange with the audience.

Addressing the amusing incident on Sunrise, Goodrem attributed the underwear-throwing frenzy to the influence of legendary singer Tom Jones. Known for his charismatic performances, Jones, 83, had a tradition of receiving thrown undergarments from female admirers during his peak in the 1960s, a practice that continues to this day.

During her appearance on Sunrise, Goodrem humorously dubbed the phenomenon as the ‘Tom Jones effect,’ explaining how her joint stage presence with Jones sparked female fans to start tossing underwear her way as well. She fondly recalled the moment, remarking, ‘In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d start having knickers and bras thrown at me, but we had so much fun! It was awesome.’

Following the concert, Goodrem took to Instagram to share a playful video capturing the bra-throwing incident, where she humorously engaged with the unexpected props on stage. Fans and friends alike responded to the moment with amusement and excitement, showcasing the light-hearted spirit of the concert experience.

Aside from the entertaining underwear incident, Goodrem also discussed significant career developments during her Sunrise appearance. Reflecting on parting ways with her long-time manager and Sony Music, Goodrem expressed a sense of inspiration and enthusiasm for embarking on new ventures, including the launch of her own record label, ATLED Records.

In a joint statement with her manager Tina Kennedy of Azoff Music Management, Goodrem affirmed their shared appreciation for their professional journey together, emphasizing respect and friendship as they move forward. Goodrem highlighted the creative freedom in the current music landscape, expressing excitement for collaboration and innovation in this new chapter of her career.

Rachel Adams

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