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The Forgotten National Day: An Outsider’s Plea for Recognition



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As a Canadian residing in New York, the annual oversight of Canada Day in the shadow of Fourth of July festivities prompts reflections on national identity and recognition. With a satirical lens, the writer delves into comparisons between Canadian and American customs, highlighting the lack of acknowledgment for Canada‘s national holiday.

Each year on July 1, Canadians mark Canada Day, just days before the Fourth of July. Yet, the writer laments the absence of recognition from American counterparts, sparking introspection on the nuanced dynamics of living as a Canadian in the United States and the cultural differences that persist.

The piece humorously juxtaposes American extravagance on Independence Day with Canadian modesty on Canada Day, underscoring shared legacies of colonialism and historical injustices. From police drones to cookouts, the writer draws parallels between the two nations’ celebration styles, pointing out similarities often overlooked.

Beyond the festivities, the article delves into the darker histories of both nations, touching on issues of racial inequity, Indigenous erasure, and systemic oppression. The writer challenges the notion that only America grapples with a grim past, emphasizing the importance of reckoning with uncomfortable truths on both sides of the border.

Calling for a gesture of recognition, the writer seeks a moment of acknowledgment for Canada’s own complex history and national identity. Through humorous suggestions like trying ketchup chips and embracing the Caesar cocktail, the piece playfully underscores the shared experiences and differences between the two nations.

Ultimately, the article closes with a nod to the cultural exchange that comes with living in the U.S., appreciating aspects like the iconic American hot dog while humorously musing on the potential for common ground in acknowledging historical legacies and national identities.

Rachel Adams

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