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Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Addresses Gender Guidance in Schools



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Shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson has expressed concerns regarding the current draft guidance on gender education in schools, emphasizing the need for a more nuanced approach that prioritizes children’s well-being.

Phillipson refrained from confirming whether the existing guidance proposed by Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, which prohibits teaching about gender identity, would be retained under a Labour government. She highlighted that the guidance needs to acknowledge the existence of transgender individuals without veering into partisan territory.

The draft guidance by the Department for Education urges schools to adhere to certain principles concerning gender education. It is currently under consultation and has not been implemented yet.

During an interview with Laura Kuenssberg, Phillipson emphasized the importance of clarity for school leaders in navigating sensitive topics and ensuring proper support for children. She urged for a responsible approach to prevent turning the issue into a political debate.

Phillipson also referenced sentiments shared by author JK Rowling on the balance between women’s rights and transgender issues, expressing a commitment to addressing violence against women and girls while ensuring support for trans individuals.

Additionally, Phillipson discussed the use of smartphones in schools, stating a belief that phones should not be accessible to students during the school day. However, she indicated that imposing a legal ban on smartphones may not be necessary, as many schools already enforce restrictions.

Regarding university financial stability, Phillipson mentioned plans to address sector challenges without resorting to taxpayer bailouts. She highlighted the need for strengthened financial regulation in the higher education sector.

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