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Mother who Assisted in Son’s Euthanasia Passes Away After Controversial Admission



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A mother who took the life of her terminally ill seven-year-old son has passed away shortly after making a bold confession during a live radio interview. Antonya Cooper, a resident of Abingdon, reflected on her actions regarding her son Hamish‘s death in 1981 with stage four cancer.

Cooper, 77, acknowledged the potential legal consequences, mentioning that authorities would have to act swiftly as she was battling terminal cancer. Thames Valley Police recently confirmed an investigation into reports related to Hamish’s apparent assisted dying in 1981.

Assisting in a suicide carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years in England and Wales. Cooper’s daughter Tabitha shared that her mother passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by loved ones, and lived and died on her own terms.

Hamish was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, at the age of five. Despite initially being given only three months to live, he endured 16 months of arduous treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, resulting in prolonged suffering.

Hamish eventually passed away at home on December 1, 1981, after Cooper administered morphine to alleviate his pain. His death left a profound impact on Cooper, describing it as akin to an amputation that she would never fully recover from.

In the aftermath of Hamish’s passing, Cooper went on to have four more children and played a significant role in launching what is now known as Neuroblastoma UK. This charity aims to combat the aggressive childhood cancer that claimed her son’s life.

During her interview with BBC Radio, Cooper suggested that Hamish knew of her intentions to end his suffering as he pleaded for relief from his pain. She affirmed her belief that he understood what was to come, emphasizing the love and bond she shared with him.

Having battled breast and pancreatic cancer herself, Cooper’s personal experiences further solidified her stance on euthanasia, leading her to become a supporter of Dignity in Dying, an advocacy group for assisted dying.

Thames Valley Police, the investigative authority in this case, has yet to provide a statement on the recent developments. The controversial circumstances surrounding Hamish’s death have reignited debates on end-of-life choices and the legal implications of assisted dying in the UK.

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