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Nathan Cleary Nears Return from Hamstring Injury in NRL Comeback Bid



Nathan Cleary, the star halfback for the Panthers in the NRL, is on the path to a swift return after experiencing a minor hamstring injury during the victory over Brisbane, causing concerns of a prolonged absence.

The incident raised initial worries that Cleary might have to sit out for up to a month, especially considering his past serious hamstring injury last year that kept him out of the State of Origin matches.

However, the recent setback, labeled as a right hamstring strain, is deemed less severe compared to his previous injury, offering a positive outlook for Cleary’s recovery, who has also been struggling with a foot injury.

Cleary’s coach, Ivan Cleary, mentioned that the upcoming games against the Roosters and Manly could see Cleary back in action, potentially after the round 6 bye.

The Panthers have been swift in arranging former Raiders playmaker Brad Schneider to fill in for Cleary, along with concerns about James Fisher-Harris, who is recovering from a shoulder injury.

Despite the setbacks, there is a silver lining for the Panthers with the possible debut of local talent Mavrik Geyer, son of the renowned Mark Geyer, adding excitement and anticipation for his potential inclusion in the team.

Heading into the clash with the Roosters, injuries continue to affect some of the key players, with prop Lindsay Collins facing a hamstring strain and Roosters’ Sandon Smith dealing with an elbow injury.

On the other hand, Sam Walker from the Roosters has been cleared of concussion, ensuring his availability for the upcoming matches.

In a separate devastating blow, Parramatta‘s Mitch Moses has suffered a fractured foot, sidelining him for up to eight weeks, jeopardizing his State of Origin aspirations and leaving a gap in the Eels’ halves setup.

As the NRL season progresses, teams are navigating through the challenges posed by injuries, reshuffling positions, and gearing up for intense encounters both on and off the field.

Stay tuned for more updates on the dynamic NRL landscape and the players’ road to recovery and redemption.

Rachel Adams

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