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Prank Goes Awry at Feminist Event Hosted by Comedian: Audience Left Disappointed



A comedic prank orchestrated by The Inspired Unemployed took an unexpected turn at the feminist event titled Love Unboxed, featuring renowned figures Antoinette Lattouf, Clementine Ford, and Yumi Stynes, alongside special guest Jack Steele.

The event, held at The Neilson in Sydney‘s Walsh Bay, promised an insightful discussion on love, relationships, and marriage but veered off course as Steele, co-founder of The Inspired Unemployed, unknowingly became the centerpiece of the prank executed in collaboration with the TV show Impractical Jokers.

Steele’s off-the-cuff remarks fed to him through an earpiece drew discomfort and disapproval from the audience as he made seemingly misogynistic comments, causing some attendees to leave the venue amidst audible groans and gasps.

While the three feminist panelists were aware of the prank, Steele’s genuine reaction to the situation became apparent, leading him to offer a heartfelt apology to the disgruntled audience members before exiting the stage.

Post-event reactions on social media highlighted the disappointment and sense of betrayal felt by attendees, with some expressing feeling violated and misled in what was supposed to be a safe and respectful space.

Maybelline San Juan, who recorded audio of the event, shared her disappointment over the unfunny prank, emphasizing the discomfort and anger she experienced as a result of the evening’s events.

The involvement of The Inspired Unemployed, Warner Bros International Television Production Australia, and the three feminist panellists in the incident has sparked further discussion and reflection on the boundaries of comedy and the impact of such pranks on audience perception.

Rachel Adams

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