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Rebecca Ferguson Opens Up About On-Set Challenges with Former Co-Star: A Lesson Learned



Rebecca Ferguson Opens Up About On Set Challenges With Former Co Star: A Lesson Learned

Rebecca Ferguson recently shared her harrowing experience with a former co-star during a candid chat on the Reign with Josh Smith podcast.

The Swedish actress, known for her roles in hits like ‘The Greatest Showman‘ and ‘Mission Impossible‘, opened up about a challenging moment she faced on set while filming ‘Dune: Part Two‘.

During the podcast discussion, Ferguson revealed that she encountered an ‘absolute idiot of a co-star’, who subjected her to verbal abuse and left her in tears.

Although she did not disclose the name of the actor, she clarified that it was not her co-stars from previous films, dismissing any speculation around Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise.

Recalling the distressing incident, Ferguson detailed how the co-star’s behavior was fueled by insecurity and anger, leading to outbursts that included belittling remarks in front of the entire crew.

The actress expressed her vulnerability in that situation, highlighting a lack of support or protection as the co-star held a prominent position on the cast list.

Amid the chaos, Ferguson decided to take a stand the next day, confronting the co-star and declaring that she would not tolerate such treatment.

She recounted her firm words, telling the co-star to ‘get off my set’ and expressing her refusal to engage further with them.

Despite initial pushback from producers, Ferguson stood her ground and negotiated a resolution where she would only act towards a stand-in object instead of directly engaging with the co-star.

The actress emphasized the importance of self-advocacy and standing up against mistreatment in the industry, reflecting on the valuable lesson she learned from the challenging experience.

As Ferguson continues to shine in her role as Lady Jessica in the ‘Dune’ franchise alongside Timothée Chalamet, her bravery in addressing on-set issues serves as a testament to the resilience of actors in navigating tough environments.

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