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Renowned Climate Scientist Dr. Myles Allen Delivers Pragmatic Climate Policy lecture in The City of London



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Renowned climate scientist Dr. Myles Allen, Head of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics at the Department of Physics, University of Oxford, delivered a thought-provoking lecture in The City of London.

Dr. Allen, a prominent figure in the realm of climate science and a member of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), shared insights on the pragmatic approach needed in climate policy.

In his lecture, Dr. Allen highlighted the importance of acknowledging the use of fossil fuels even in the Paris-aligned scenarios projected by the IPCC, emphasizing the need for a realistic view on energy transitions.

He pointed out the significance of addressing barriers to reducing fossil fuel use, citing the permitting challenges faced in projects such as the Quebec-Hydro project discussed with John Skjervem of Utah Retirement Systems.

Dr. Allen also criticized what he termed the “climate establishment,” including entities like the European Union and its Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, for their top-down approach to climate policies without considering citizen acceptance.

Furthermore, he advocated for a more inclusive dialogue within the climate discourse, suggesting the involvement of various stakeholders like populist talk-show hosts, livestock farmers, and even executives of fossil fuel companies.

The concept of a Just Transition was another focal point of Dr. Allen’s lecture, where he urged for justice not only for workers in carbon-intensive industries but also for shareholders of fossil fuel companies.

He proposed a solution to address carbon emissions, emphasizing the need for capturing and permanently storing carbon dioxide underground as a key strategy to combat global warming.

This approach, according to Dr. Allen, requires a collaborative effort between regulatory frameworks and market forces.

Rachel Adams

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