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Scottish Superstars Shine at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024



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WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 was a night to remember for the fans in Glasgow, with thrilling matches and surprising outcomes. The return of created a buzz, while faced a tough loss. Among the standout moments was the victory of and , who captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship in their hometown.

The main event saw triumph over in an intense ‘I Quit’ match to retain the WWE Championship. However, the post-match altercation with and hinted at a new rivalry brewing for Rhodes.

The unexpected win of Fyre and Dawn over and for the tag team titles surprised many, adding a new twist to the women’s division. Meanwhile, the reign of and came to an abrupt end, raising questions about their future.

In a disappointing turn of events, emerged victorious over in an Intercontinental title match, leaving fans puzzled about Günther’s championship aspirations. The prolonged wait for Günther to capture the title continues, despite his impressive performances.

The clash between and for the WWE Women’s Championship showcased Niven’s potential as a top contender. The competitive match highlighted Niven’s skillset and left fans calling for a sustained push for the talented wrestler in the title picture.

Additionally, McIntyre’s quest for the world title faced a setback as a returning intervened in his match against . The interference led to Priest retaining the title, setting the stage for a future showdown between McIntyre and Punk, possibly at .

Rachel Adams

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