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Senator Accuses President Tinubu of Being Misinformed by Villa Influencers



Senate Chief Whip Ali Ndume has raised allegations against Nigeria‘s President, Bola Tinubu, accusing him of being misled by certain individuals within the Presidential Villa. Ndume claims that these individuals feed Tinubu false information and shield him from well-intentioned Nigerians who could offer him accurate insights.

The Senate recently passed a resolution, spearheaded by Senator Ajayi Boroffice, urging the government to urgently address the prevalent hunger issues in the nation or potentially face a looming uprising. This motion was titled ‘Urgent Need to Address Food Insecurity and Market Exploitation of Consumables in Nigeria.’

Ndume voiced his concerns over the lack of substantial efforts to tackle the ongoing security challenges that continuously jeopardize food security in the country. He expressed worry over the apparent disconnect between the President and the reality outside the confines of the villa.

According to Ndume, President Tinubu seems to be isolated and unaware of the true state of affairs, locked within a bubble where he is shielded from genuine public engagement. He highlighted a deficiency in public affairs management around the President, with only a limited pool of individuals like his spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, handling public communications.

On the pressing issue of food scarcity, Ndume emphasized the severity of the situation, stressing that a food crisis coupled with existing security challenges could lead to dire consequences. He called for urgent action to be taken by the government to address the looming food crisis and highlighted the absence of a significant food reserve system in the country.

Ndume urged President Tinubu to break free from the confines imposed by false influences within the villa and to open himself to voices that could offer him truthful insights. He cautioned that the anger among Nigerians over the government’s perceived inaction on food security issues is escalating and emphasized the critical need for immediate intervention.

Rachel Adams

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