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The Palestinian Hamas Militant Group Infiltrates Israel, Resulting in Deaths and Injuries



The Palestinian Hamas Militant Group Infiltrates Israel, Resulting In Deaths And Injuries

According to recent media reports, the Palestinian Hamas militant group has managed to infiltrate Israel from the Gaza strip. This infiltration has led to the firing of rockets, causing a significant loss of life and injuries. As of now, it has been confirmed that 22 individuals have tragically lost their lives, while another 100 people have been left injured, with many sustaining gunshot wounds.

In response to these attacks, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially declared that his nation is at war with what he refers to as “the enemy” – the citizens of Israel themselves. In a statement, he expressed, “Citizens of Israel, we are at war, not an operation, not an escalation, a war. This morning, Hamas launched a murderous surprise attack against the state of Israel and its citizens. We’ve been at it since early morning.”

Netanyahu further stated that he has instructed security forces to cleanse the settlements of the terrorists who successfully infiltrated, and this operation is currently underway. Additionally, he has ordered an extensive mobilization of reserves and declared retaliatory war with an unprecedented strength and scope. Netanyahu firmly believes that the enemy will face a price they have never known. In the meantime, he urges all citizens of Israel to strictly obey the instructions of the army and the Home Command, emphasizing that victory is inevitable.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have issued a statement following the attack, declaring a state of alert for war. They warn that Hamas will face consequences for their attacks and have ordered residents in areas around Gaza to remain indoors. The IDF has closed roads near the border, and army personnel have cordoned off routes used by farmers.

In a remarkable move, Mohammed Deif, the Hamas military commander, issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attacks. He revealed that Hamas has fired over 5,000 rockets into Israel as a part of their operation named “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm.” Deif justifies these ongoing attacks as retaliation for what he refers to as Israel’s “desecration” of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, stating that hundreds of Palestinians have been killed or wounded by Israel this year. Deif additionally urged Palestinians inside Israel and Arab neighbors of Israel to join the fight and unite against the occupiers.

The tensions between Hamas and Israel are deeply rooted, with Israel having occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem in 1967. Since 2007, when Hamas seized control of Gaza, the two sides have engaged in four wars. This ongoing conflict has prompted Israel and Egypt to enforce land and sea blockades on the coastal enclave.

Rachel Adams

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