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Tom Sandoval Issues Apology for Controversial Comparison in New York Times Interview



Tom Sandoval Issues Apology For Controversial Comparison In New York Times Interview

Tom Sandoval, a prominent figure from the reality show ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ has issued an apology for his controversial comparison involving O.J. Simpson and George Floyd in a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine.

During the interview, Sandoval was asked about the scandal surrounding his affair, to which he gave a tone-deaf response, drawing parallels to high-profile events like the O.J. Simpson trial and George Floyd’s murder.

The author of the profile, Irina Aleksander, attempted to provide context to Sandoval’s comments, suggesting that he may have been trying to convey the surreal experience of being at the center of a nationwide discussion.

Following the interview, concerns were raised at Bravo, the network airing ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ about the impact of Sandoval’s statements. The publicist for the show was reportedly investigating the exact nature of the comparison made by Sandoval.

Sandoval reflected on the aftermath of the scandal, revealing how he felt ostracized by friends and even his own brother distanced himself from him. He shared his experience of dealing with the negative consequences of the affair, including the overwhelming attention and backlash he faced.

Amidst the fallout, Sandoval expressed how he saw the situation as an opportunity for a new storyline on Bravo, acknowledging the influence of his notoriety and newfound single status in the public eye.

Sandoval admitted to being in a vulnerable state during the affair, attributing it to his emotional turmoil at the time and the genuine feelings that developed between him and Rachel Leviss, the friend with whom he had the affair.

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