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Victorian Agriculture Industry Aims to Surpass $20 Billion in Exports by 2030 with Focus on Freight Strategy



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The Victorian agriculture industry is setting ambitious goals to propel the state’s economy by surpassing $20 billion dollars in food and fibre exports by 2030. This vision hinges on the Victorian Government‘s efforts to address key factors such as road maintenance, cost reduction, and improving freight efficiency. VFF President Emma Germano emphasized the importance of having a comprehensive plan to maintain and enhance regional roads to solidify agriculture as Victoria‘s leading exporter and support the industry’s vast workforce.

Emma Germano pointed out that Victoria currently faces the challenge of having some of the worst roads in Australia, significantly impacting freight movement. She stressed that the new freight strategy must prioritize road maintenance, a crucial aspect that was overlooked in previous strategies. By striving for the best roads in the country, Victoria can strengthen its position as a top exporter.

An essential aspect of achieving the $20 billion export target lies in infrastructure investment, regular maintenance, and regulatory reforms. Emma Germano highlighted the need for the new freight strategy to include a specific focus on agricultural freight, as transportation costs through supply chains remain a significant burden for Victorian farmers, affecting both their competitiveness and investment decisions.

Cost management is critical in ensuring the industry’s growth and global competitiveness. Recent increases in terminal access charges, particularly at the Port of Melbourne compared to Sydney and Brisbane, have raised concerns about rising costs along the supply chain. Germano warned that failing to plan for the future could have severe economic consequences, as the demand for Victorian food and fibre continues to rise domestically and internationally.

The Victorian agriculture industry is urging the government to prioritize road maintenance, cost reduction, and freight efficiency to unlock its full export potential and sustain its workforce. By investing in a modern and efficient freight system, Victoria can secure its position as a leading exporter in the years to come.

Rachel Adams

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