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British National Charged Over Attempted Meth Importation in Melbourne



British National Charged Over Attempted Meth Importation In Melbourne

A British national has been arrested and charged in Melbourne after being linked to an attempted drug importation. The 28-year-old man will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today, facing charges of attempted possession and trafficking of a commercial quantity of methamphetamine.

The investigation, known as Operation Rainier/Enfield, began last month following the detection of anomalies in a consignment of pallets that contained bottles labeled as ‘ultra concentrate detergent.’ The Australian Border Force (ABF) played a crucial role in uncovering the illicit drugs concealed in 21 out of the 319 bottles.

Forensic testing confirmed that the liquid in these bottles was methamphetamine, with a total volume of 132 liters. The estimated street value of the drugs is $30 million. Ongoing forensic examination will determine the purity of the seized drugs.

The AFP and Victoria Police Major Drug Squad seized the bottles containing the drugs but allowed the rest of the shipment to continue its delivery to a storage facility in Melbourne’s southeast.

In the subsequent execution of search warrants in the suburbs of Brighton, Bentleigh East, and Dandenong, authorities seized phones, electronic devices, and a small quantity of MDMA and methamphetamines. The British national was arrested during these raids.

The charges against the man carry a potential maximum penalty of life imprisonment. The arrest and seizure highlight the collaboration between law enforcement agencies to disrupt organized crime’s attempts to import illicit drugs into Australia.

AFP Detective Acting Superintendent Rick Briggs emphasized the immense harm caused by methamphetamine and the importance of apprehending those responsible for its importation. ABF Acting Superintendent Malcolm Hollis highlighted the ongoing determination to prevent the entry of methamphetamine into the Victorian community, acknowledging the drug’s widespread consumption and importation.

Victoria Police Detective Superintendent Dave Cowan expressed that this arrest and seizure had prevented potential harm to the community and highlighted the significant role drugs play in crimes such as family violence, aggravated burglary, and theft, as well as their contribution to road fatalities.

The investigation into the organized crime syndicate responsible for the attempted importation is still ongoing.

Rachel Adams

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