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Former Star Académie contestant sentenced to 100 days in prison for drugging partner and another individual



Former Star Académie Contestant Sentenced To 100 Days In Prison For Drugging Partner And Another Individual

A former contestant on the popular Canadian singing competition show Star Académie has been sentenced to 100 days in prison after admitting to drugging his former partner and another individual. Corneliu Munteanu, 40, pleaded guilty to two charges of administering a harmful substance with the intent to afflict or torment the victims.

The first incident occurred in 2013, when Munteanu convinced his partner, singer Meggie Lagacé, to have a drink with him on their balcony. Unbeknownst to Lagacé, he had secretly slipped MDMA or ecstasy into her glass of rum. She experienced rapid heartbeat, dilated pupils, uncontrollable talking, and a loss of time perception. Despite feeling distressed for months, Lagacé was convinced by Munteanu that seeking medical attention was unnecessary. Eventually, he confessed to his crime, leading to the end of their relationship.

The motive behind Munteanu’s actions remains unclear. During the court proceedings, the prosecutor indicated that he did not know why he engaged in such behavior but claimed to have had no ill intentions. However, this defense did not diminish the severity of his actions in the eyes of The Honourable Patricia Compagnone, the presiding judge.

In a separate incident in 2016, Munteanu and his partner met an individual through an online dating site. On their first meeting, all three consumed moderate amounts of alcohol and cannabis. The victim took several days to recover from the encounter, unaware that Munteanu had added a substance called poppers, which contains MDMA, to his glass of wine. The same pattern repeated during subsequent meetings until the victim confronted Munteanu, who apologized and admitted to having a problem.

Munteanu acknowledged his actions were inappropriate but maintained that he did not have malicious intent. The judge disagreed, emphasizing that his actions were illegal and immoral. The court accepted the joint recommendation from both the prosecution and defense, sentencing Munteanu to 100 days in prison, of which he has two days left to serve. He will also be under probation for two years.

Meggie Lagacé, who had previously requested that her identity be protected, chose to lift the court order and publicly shared her experience. Taking to Instagram, she expressed relief that she took legal action and thanked the investigators, lawyers, and the victims’ help center (CAVAC) for their support. Lagacé emphasized the therapeutic nature of the judicial process, noting that hearing the words “I believe you” had a profound impact on her.

This case serves as a reminder that justice is patient and has a long reach, even when victims come forward years after the incidents took place.

Rachel Adams

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